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What is iDrivePortal and why you need it?

Before explaining the concept behind IDrivePortal, it is important to understand what the Cloud is and what everyone is talking about these days.

The Cloud is a network infrastructure outside your location that is able to host programs for all types of companies and users. Some of those network infrastructures include Amazon’s data centers, Microsoft’s Azure, Verizon’s, IBM’s and many more.               

The beauty of Cloud programs is that users do not need any software installed into their local pc besides an internet connection and the browser that every pc comes with.

iDrivePortal is an affordable cloud based file sharing solution which is used in many industries such as: law firms, accounting firms, engineering, construction, technology, education fashion and many more.         

iDrivePortal is an ideal solution to compute, share and store digital data for personal use and businesses as well.

This solution is intended for fast and easy integration of web site functionality with sharing and management of files and documents on a Windows server through a web browser over net. It's a web server based file sharing and management solution. Users can work remotely with personal or shared folders and edit documents online stored on the server. Users can work from their PC, inside their office or class or from a mobile device (with only a web browser required).

It is designed for Microsoft networks and can be used at Windows web server as a standalone application or integrated for any website. It supports all popular browsers and OS at the client side.


Ensuring your Security with iDrivePortal

  • Users can access files using their PC, smart phone, and tablet via HTTPS encrypted connection.

  • Data is secured with Microsoft's Azure data center.

IP Systems Solutions offers the following

  • Increased Collaboration
    Teams can access, edit, and share documents at anytime from anywhere; providing better efficiency and communication among your team. IDrivePortal workflow and file sharing apps gives you the ability to make updates in real time.

  • Usability
    Allows users to drag and drop files between IDrivePortal and their local PC/Device.

  • 300+ file formats can be shared, open or edited online using just a browser
    Documents, spreadsheets, images, video, audio.

  • Cloud file sharing manager
    Allows users to use desktop Office applications for online editing. User does not need to download documents and upload them back to the server after editing - It works automatically (owing to WebDAV technology). File locking while editing feature is supported.

  • Integration with free Sharing CAD
    These free online services allow the user to view HPGL, DXF, DWG, DWF, PLT

  • Integration with desktop versions
      Microsoft Office and free

  • Integration with OneDrive (Microsoft) cloud storage and online Office 365 files editor
    Allows users to upload/download files from IP Systems Solutions Colocated Servers or from Microsoft's Azure data center to their own OneDrive account. OneDrive has rich integration with desktop MS Office and browser based free Office Web Apps. Users can edit their files online using their desktop Office application or directly just using their browser.
  • Integration with free Google Drive (Google Docs) and Zoho cloud storages and Internet documents editing services
    These free online services allow the user to store, view and edit most document and image formats. Upload/download to a Google Drive/Docs account is also available.

  • Integration with web based Pixlr website online image edit and sharing
    Users can edit image files on the server and upload/download to their own image sharing account.

  • Integration with DropBox and OneBox popular file sharing, sync and store cloud services
    Users can upload/download files to their own account at DropBox or OneBox cloud storages.

  • Mapping web folders is possible (WebDav)
    Web folder mapping is the functionality that allows users to map a web folder to the file system on their local computer (WebDav). The files and folders on the web interface are visible on their local computer as ‘local’ files and folders and be viewed and edited as if they were local files and folders.

  • Supports Mobile Devices: TouchPad (Web tablet PCs), Smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc)
    No double or right mouse-clicking required in web interface. Smartphones users have a compact mobile interface.

  • Automatic Software Updates
    IDrivePortal rolls out regular software updates, including security updates. Zero time is wasted for manual maintenance.

  • Work from anywhere
    IDrivePortal offers mobile access by using your smart phone and tablets.

  • Version Control
    A function that controls all versions of work made (documents, files, etc.) without the fear of your work being replaced.

  • Bandwidth
    By sending a web link to recipients via email or IDrivePortal, you will avoid taking up PC memory. You can view, edit,
    or download a file directly from the cloud.

  • Cost Savings
    Annual operating costs are reduced by utilizing IDrivePortal.

  • Disaster Recovery
    Businesses of all sizes should invest in a robust disaster recovery.

  • Safety & Security
    IDrivePortal computing ensures unlimited safety in the event of a crash, virus, or robbery. Since your data is stored in the IDrivePortal servers, this provides you and your company security from predators that have access to your device. Remotely wiping out data from lost or stolen laptops are permitted to IDrivePortal users.

  • For Garment and Textile Industry (NEW)
    File Conversion AND Grading/Marking/Pattern Design/Plotting with IDrivePortal partners right here in NY city.